James Kennedy
There's few causes that are as close to the heart as this one. Please reach out and support me, and support our GfK team in the process.

My Fundraising Goal: $1,500
Total Raised: $990
Angelo and Joy Pierro$200
Claudine Guardiano$50
E. Lori Halivopoulos$50
Gwil jones$25
jackie richardson$75
James Kennedy$50
John Grogan$25
John Rikkerink$25
Marleen Cassarino$25
Natasha Davis$20
neil portnoy$50
Patricia Salamone$50
Peter Maiuri$50
Philip Kahn$100
Sarah Liddle$50
Stephen Goodreds$50
Steve Honovich$25
Susan Dankert$20
susan odonnell$25
Thomas Neill$25
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