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Hi friends!

In 2017, breast cancer continues to be the most common cancer diagnosis in Canadian women with 1 in 4 (25.8%) cancer diagnoses being breast cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Canadian women, after lung cancer. We need to change this!

I'll be shaving my head at the end of this campaign to show my support toward this incredible cause.

Thank you for your donation and support!

My Fundraising Goal: $5,000
Total Raised: $3,642
Amanda Sterczyk$50
Ann Cuillerier$25
Anthony Barton$40
Aysha Johnson$15
Barbara Avon$50
Bonnie Thompson$50
Carla Coady$30
Carolyn Wright$50
Caterina Buda$50
Cathy Belaire$10
Chris Smith$50
Christina Ranieri$25
Cynthia Ouellet$20
Dan Goulet$20
Darren Little$100
David Bolton$50
Dina Snippe$100
Donna and Gilles St-Jean$20
Dora Dalietos$25
Elizabeth Mitchell$25
Helen Platanas$10
Hope Huffman-Nelson$20
Ilon Tyan$25
Indu Bakshi$100
Jarrett Allan$20
jaymes white$26.66
Jessica Yazdani$25
John Horton$25
John Wright$100
Judy Mcnally$10
Kathy McEwan$30
Keith Rogers$50
Kelly Mitchell$25
Ken Lewis$25
Kevin Miller$25
Kim Davis$40
Kim McLeod$25
Kim Sheldrick$25
Kim Vo$250
Lisa Milligan$75
Lisa Pitel$50
Lorena Burwash$20
Louise and Bob Volks$100
Lynda Fraser$50
Lynda Poyser$25
Lyssa Statham$75
Mark Taylor$25
Marlene Quinton$20
Marlie Spearman$25
Michael Harvey$25
Michael Lifshitz$20
Natasha Nadeau$107
Pamela Eastwood$500
Paula Godwin$50
Rachelle Eves$50
Rosemary Rudyk$20
Sally Tellis$100
Sarah Benfield$20
Shannon Murdock$150
Sophia Jacob$25
Stacey Enman$20
Stan Newton$50
Stella Ronan$25
Sylvia Corzato$20
Sylvie #eSAX Demers$100
Tammy Thomas$25
Tammy Wagar$47.34
Tina Bourgon$25
Yuk Yuks$101
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