Stacey White
Because it is the right thing to do...

My story is similar to many others. I have had friends and loved one's loose their battle to Cancer. I have also had friends and loved one's fight the fight and come through on the other side with stories of hope and survival. I want more positive. I want to give us all a fighting chance.

If I get sponsorship of $1,000 I will shave my head...

My Fundraising Goal: $1,000
Total Raised: $1,360
Adam Taylor$20
Bette Ann Green$20
Brenda Olson$20
Cara Cote$25
Carla Gillis$20
Cindy Thiel$30
Craig Roberts$40
Dani Halvorson$20
Darla Taylor$50
Della Beal$25
Gaileen Willick$25
Grant Walden$25
Jay Nordick$25
Jessica Bailey$50
Jill McRae$20
Jill Sauter$20
Jo-Ann & Wes Costley/Orischuk$100
Katherine Taylor$20
khris zilkowsky$25
Kristy & Chris Rempel$200
Laurel Reich$20
Patty Leverick$50
Robyn McKinnon$25
Shawna Nelson$100
Sheri Seidel$25
Stacey White$50
Sutton Financial Group$200
Suzy Huber$50
Todd Hudson$40
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