Adele Bresciani
With love and support we can overcome many obstacles. Have faith, courage and never give up! Because hope must never die!

My Fundraising Goal: $4,000
Total Raised: $5,274.50
A. Bresciani$80
Adamo Import$100
Adele Bresciani$125
Adith Dore$100
Betty Boucas$25
California Cult Classics Inc.$200
Danny Bresciani$100
ECM Bake Sale, Coffee Sale, & Donation box$1,618.50
ECM Espresso Coffee Machines Co.$200
Force Investment Ltd$250
Frank Juhan$100
Jeanne Mackay$100
John Poul Oughtred$250
Lindsay Mackay$25
Liz Tookey$25
Loredana Finamore$25
Lucy Cupo$200
Luigina DeSantis$50
M.O Productions M.O. Productions$1,000
Mario Enero$100
Mike Henn$100
Remo Bresciani$126
Sal Audia$300
Stephen J Peters$25
Terri Lynne Banfield$50
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