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1 in 8 Canadian women is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime 

This year an estimated 26, 300 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer

Approximately 14 Canadian women die of breast cancer every day

Of all estimated new cancers in women, breast cancer cases make up an estimated 25%


For every 4 men diagnosed with breast cancer 1 will die



The Breast Cancer Society of Canada was created by a passionate family searching for a cure for their daughter Pam.  Over 25 years later, Pam continues to be our inspiration.  Because of this inspiration the Breast Cancer Society created Dress for the Cause, an annual event, held to celebrate breast cancer awareness month.  Dress for the Cause and the Breast Cancer Society of Canada raise money for the research into the detection, prevention, treatment and cure of breast cancer





London, ON - Regional Cancer Centre
A clinical trial has been started by Dr. Francisco Perera and Dr. Eva Turley to learn if a cream can reduce skin damage when breast cancer patients receive radiation treatment.

Drs. Alan Tuck and Ann Chambers along with Connor MacMillan are studying what regulates early breast cancer progression.  Identifying which early tumors are at high risk for progression may help in the development of treatments.



Toronto, ON - Sunnybrook Hospital

Dr. Czarnota’s research involves the use of microbubbles and ultrasound to effectively target tumors and enhance treatment in breast cancer patients. See his video below!



Vancouver, BC and Ottawa, ON

The Breast Cancer Society of Canada puts your generous donations to work right away and looks for opportunities to leverage your support for maximum impact.  Recent commitments for funding initiatives at Michael Smith Foundation in Vancouver, BC and the Canadian Institute for Health Research in Ottawa, ON are now matched dollar for dollar by government funding.  Your generous Dress for the Cause donations have double the impact.


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