Armtec's Breast Intentions
Armtec takes pride in giving back to the community around them. This year they have again decided to support this great cause to raise awareness and support Breast Cancer Research. We are hoping as a group to raise $2,500 this year and we thank everyone for any support that they can give us towards this cause.

TEAM Armtec's Breast Intentions STATISTICS
Group Fundraising Goal: $2,500
Total Raised: $10,819.70
Alain Bou-Daher$25
Alan Kreko$50
Armtec total Donations Received$9,934.70
Christian Witt$350
Joe Toito$20
John Cormier$25
mike kube$25
Triple K Transport Ltd. Keith Sabiston$250
Waylon Patterson$100
Yvette Sturge$20
Group Recruitment Goal: 2
Members Recruited: 4
Team Coordinator Yvette Sturge $20
Stephanie Majoran $0
Mike Kube $0

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